Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today I like Me

Today I like Me.  Me is happy, poised, confident, self possessed and has a sense of humour today - she is nice to be with and knows her boundaries and thus easy to be with.

I have been coming to terms with Me for a few weeks now and it seems by my night time dreams, that my subconscious is very busy reorganising my perceptions of Me.  I am moving away from the strict controls and judgements of the institutionalised Me and embracing a slower, happier, free-er civilian Me.  A Me that 'should not' and indeed 'must not' do anything that she does not want to do.

The 'should do' and 'must do' Me is fighting tooth and nail to take control, however, I will not let her,  I subdue her and only allow the free Me to emerge - the Me who does because she wants to do, is excited to do and intrigued to do things of interest to her.  The Me who shines brighter when she takes her freedom and lives her truth is a nice Me and all around her look on intrigued by the firmness in her eye and sparkle in her voice. 

I like this Me and embrace her and thank her for a good day.
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