Things I Adore

Beloved, whom I have been in relationship with five years now.  
We met on an internet dating site .... YAY for the internet!

We plan on marriage and children, however,
we had better get started ....tick - tock, tick - tock!

Toffee is our male Golden Cocker Spaniel.  He is quirky, playful and charming and has a beautiful energy. 
He has survived a near fatal car accident and a bad attack of biliary.
When I am in need of grounding, I cuddle up with him and his energy brings me right down.

Tasha is our female Golden Cocker Spaniel and sister to Toffee.  She is delightfully petite and feminine and need lots of cuddles to overcome her insecure nature.  She is an incredibly fast runner and when she jumps in mid run I can feel her joy.

Cashew is our male Jack Russell, he was given to us in need of a home and we are so grateful!  He is playful and boisterous and quite the dominant rascal ....not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

 Bell (the bear) is our chocolate Lab; loving, accommodating, kind and caring.  We acquired Bella at the same time as Cashew as he needed a companion and the Spaniels were a bit put out by his boisterousness.  I am always happy to have Bella around.  She loves shoes, she used to eat them, now she just finds comfort in sleeping with them.

Bella and Cashew were raised together and are best friends.

Pattern in nature - so exquisite, so perfect, and so simple.

Colour in nature - amazing!!!

Thunderstorms which shake the foundations on which I stand
- they make me feel alive!

The smell of rain on the air ....
breathe in deeply and connect with mother earth!

Animal affection is so pure and honest. 
It gives without thought and receives without reason.

The grace of a mature woman who knows herself
and is comfortable with who she is.

Chakara candles which burn new scents with each new layer,
filling my room with exotic fragrance, peace and calm.

Tibetan Singing Bowels which sing with the vibration of the player and
emit tones of such purity, one's entire body resonates.

elegant mazes in which to get lost for hours and eventually find oneself.

peaceful wooden walkways, leading you on a path of discovery and surprising you at each bend with the beauty of nature.

happy babies with sparkling eyes and sentient souls.

black and white photography, highlighting the amazing symmetry of architecture.

Nature's way with derelict buildings.

spirals in nature


Old wooden bridges which creak under foot.

Crashing waves which fill the air with salt.

the strength of lighthouses, something romantic about it .....

Large elephant heard interacting with their young.
Sapphires and Diamonds
Ripples on still water.
Ancient trees which speak their secrets on the breeze.
brilliant rainbows, slicing colour through the grey.
Crop circles.
The energy of children who have not been taught to be anything but who they are.
Hammocks for two on a lazy warm afternoon.

more to come ........

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