Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cosmetic chemical nightmare

I have not felt this angry in a long time!

I started on a new cosmetic range at the beginning of this year,  it was a big decision as it is quite expensive, and like most promising cosmetics here, imported.  I hoped that it would bring me the relief my skin needs from blemishes and poor skin tone.  It advertises itself as organic, which thrilled me, and at a cursery glance of the contents, I was satisfied that it was indeed organic - so many oils and natural things, how could it not be good?

Well, the last few months have been a BIG learning curve for me with the discovery of petrochemicals in ALL my products.  The first big discovery was Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; a skin irritant which breaks down protein, is toxic to the body and it mimics the activity of oestrogen in the body playing havoc with the body's natural hormone balance.  SLS is used for lathering.  I found SLS in my shampoo and conditioner, in my very expensive imported face-wash and lotions, in my body wash, in herbal hand wash, in solid soap blocks and even in my toothpaste!

This really put me in a quandary as I refused to use the petrochemical products, but had no alternatives to replace them as yet.  I scoured the net for days and found home made alternatives for shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.  I am trying these, but I'm not really satisfied with the results. 

Parabens were next.  These deadly compounds enter the skin, can be found in the blood stream moments after application of cosmetics and make-up and have been found in cancer tissues of breast cancer patients.  I found these in some of my make-up ranges, I believe they are used as preservatives.
Aluminium compounds were next, so out went my deodorants and I purchased a 'salt rock' stick alternative which works amazingly.

Dioxane is a neuro-toxin and has a number of other toxicities for humans.  It is also found in most cosmetics and is used to create suds.

There are lists of the petrochemicals called the dirty thirty.  A list of 30 harmful chemical compounds used in cosmetics and toiletries.  I am just astounded!  I can't believe that I have been using products containing such harmful compounds and now I need alternatives in a hurry!

I have researched all the local 'organic' ranges and only found one range that is passable, and all they do is soap.  I am still using my cleansers, but every time I do, I cringe and imagine all the harmful toxins doing their dirty work ...... aaaahhhhh!

If I can't find alternatives, I have to make them; this is my all consuming goal now.  I have to make what I need.  I need recipes, suggestions, ideas and guidance.  And I need them in a hurry!

Help please!

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