Monday, July 19, 2010

Culinary Bathroom

My shower this morning became a culinary playground of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, olive and castor oils and bee wax!  I had to laugh in the shower as the bicarbs drifted into my mouth and the vinegar stung my eyes .... ouwwwwweeeeeee!  The oil facial cleanser seemed to stick onto my skin, promising to NEVER come off and the Essential Oils in the conditioner predicted a disastrous outcome - however, despite the strangeness of kitchen products in the bathroom, and a seeming playground of culinary ingredients all with strange feel and smells for a shower, I am delighted by the results thus far!

This morning I made up a bottle of bicarbonate shampoo and vinegar conditioner as suggested by Jen at DarkPurpleMoon, to replace my Petrochemical Nightmare hair products.  My hair felt great after the bicarbs which washed out really easily, and even though I thought I might be in for a second shower, petrochemical this time, to rectify the experimental conditioner and oil cleanser, surprise, surprise, my skin feels great and my hair dried just fine.  I'll have to see how it lasts during the day.

I used bicarb for toothpast - interesting experience, but my teeth are feeling great!  And I used rock-salt stick for deoderant.

I replaced my cleanser with olive and castor oils and am amazed at how clean my skin feels.  For moisturiser, I am using a bee-wax product I found which suggested use as a lip balm, but works well all over; allowing blemishes to surface easily and be discarded of secretly without a hint of their unwanted presence, just moments before .... WOW!  I am impressed!

The only thing I don't have yet is body soap.  I have Rhonda's recipe and can't wait to try it.  I have been collecting the needed ingredients and equipment and almost have everything - but even then, it will be weeks of maturing before use ... so I am off to look for some alternatives at an organic shop across town.  I well expect to pay R50.00 a bar, but until I can make my own, I will just have to pay for alternatives.

I am relieved, for now, to have found some workable alternatives.  Time will tell how long it all lasts and how well they continue to work, but I am really getting into the idea of all natural , all organic - give me one more day of these great results and the petrochemical stuff is going into the bin - FOREVER!

May this be my first NO-POO day, forever more!


  1. I read this with interest.. this is a company has a great range product and I have used it often. The don't have any icky stuff in it.. I copied the list from there site. No:
    sodium lauryl sulphate
    sodium laureth sulphate
    synthetic fragrances
    animal derivatives
    harsh detergents
    artificial colours
    mineral oils

    Not sure if they are available where you live but they do have stockists who sell on line..

  2. Thanks Wendy,

    No stockists here unfortunately. They look like a great company though, exactly the type of products I am looking for.

    I may just have to start my own local range of derma-organics :)


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