Tuesday, August 17, 2010

getting acquainted

RAW for one week and feeling SO good, I headed into the garden yesterday on a spontaneous mission to cut back some dead foliage and allow the new, which is already peeping up through the earth, to thrive.

I had no idea that five hours later, I would be gingerly avoiding all contact with clothing and human touch, as I succumbed to a vicious sun burn.  Who would have guessed the early spring sun could do such damage!  On the up side, my compost heap has quadrupled its size and the garden is looking a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  Today, I am paying for my irresponsible hard labour with sunstroke. 
I am not a happy fishy!

On a more positive note, the following pictures taken after Sunday's visit to the grocer (unfortunately none of my own produce as yet).  Most of the produce is not organic, so I have to wash each piece in a citronella wash I have which removes chemicals and waxes.  It is quite a job, but now the kitchen is stocked and all produce is safe for consumption
(as far as I can tell).

It made such a lovely display, I went photo mad:
(I will not bore you with all 103)

I love the vibrant colours and textures. 
My camera however did a poor job of capturing what my eye could see.

There is a whole world of discovery inside each fruit
that I just wish I could capture.

These baby spinach leaves are one of the staples for my green smoothie drinks.  I battle to eat them RAW as they are, but in a smoothie, mixed with bananas and some dates, they are wonderful.

I have never eaten fennel root before, it just looked too odd to try, I have always just walked past them in the isle, however Beloved was shopping with me and grabbed two of these knobbly old guys.  I must say, they are quite refreshing RAW and work well as crudités with humus.

 As you can see, I am getting well acquainted with food .....

colour coding!

Isn't that fun! (tongue-in-cheek)

On a serious note though.  I am fostering a new relationship with food.  This may take some time to develop into something healthy and worth celebrating, but in the meantime, a bit of fun does not
hurt and goes a long way to keeping me sane on this insane journey of life :)

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